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Friends Website 2.0!

Greetings Friends! We have some exciting technological advancements going on at the library - we've updated our Friends website this week!

Here are some highlights...

An all-new Main Menu is organized with drop-down lists to provide easier navigation and find the topic you are looking for.

You'll also notice the Mobile Menu is enhanced to allow easy on-the-go scrolling on any smart phone or device.

The Support the Friends section has an updated Membership page linked to PayPal. This welcome addition allows you to become a member from the convenience of...anywhere on any device. Simply login and select your membership level and our site will handle the rest. It's never been easier to become a member of the Friends.

Donating is made easier too, also linked to PayPal for your convenience. Both membership and donations are our major source of fundraising - and we appreciate your support! We've also added a contact form to the Volunteering page if you'd like to help out in the many areas we contribute.

The Book Sales section highlights all the ways you can purchase books through the Friends, such as the Corner Book Shop, our eBay Store, and community book sale events. We even have an Instagram Book Shop in the works!

We now provide an easier we to create and manage your Profile. You can set notifications, create avatars, and follow our blog.

And finally - check out the Projects page to learn more about the amazing work we've accomplished. The Photo Gallery is an awesome historical treasure. And we've archived several Footnotes Newsletters so you can review happenings of yesteryear.

We hope you enjoy our new look, and look forward to seeing you at the library soon.

- The Friends

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The new website layout is smashing! 🎉

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