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Donating Books

The quality of our sales is a direct result of the items donated by YOU. Thank you!  After we receive materials, we get to work sorting and cataloging.  Some books make their way into our ongoing Corner Book Shop and others are prepped for larger Friends Book Sales.  All books are sold at inexpensive prices to promote reading at all levels.


Simply bring your donations into the EGR library and a librarian or volunteer will assist you. Yes, you can request a receipt for your donation!


When deciding what to donate to Friends of the EGR Library, please note the following:

We will gratefully accept:

  • Books of all genres & ages and paper items in clean, dry, mold-free condition

  • Commercially recorded CDs, DVDs, and audio recordings

  • Popular magazines older than 10 years

  • Textbooks published within the last 5 years

  • Textbooks, magazines, and paper goods published before 1960

  • Any items about Michigan or East Grand Rapids, as well as books published by Michigan authors, are especially popular!


Over the years, we've learned that the following items do not sell. We highly recommend donating paper items on the list below to the Paper Gators set up in the parking lot areas of Breton Downs Elementary, Wealthy Elementary, and EGR High School. The schools will receive funds for these donations, and the items will be recycled!

  • VHS tapes

  • CDs, DVDs, and cassettes of home recordings

  • Repair manuals and catalogs

  • Partially completed puzzle books, workbooks, or study guides

  • Items with mold, torn pages, split covers, water damage, or stains

Donations and Support: Collections
Donations and Support: Text
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