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Newsletters & Resources

We publish a bi-annual newsletter called FOOTNOTES.  We also archive our posters and communication.

FOOTNOTES contains a recap of all the interesting things our organization has been up to.  You can read about new programs and projects in the works, a note from the Library Manager and our President, information on book sales, and DYK facts and tidbits.  All members receive a mailed copy of the publication.  Become a member today!


Access archived versions of FOOTNOTES and other fun resources below:


FOOTNOTES:  2021 Spring

FOOTNOTES:  2021 Spring Insert

FOOTNOTES:  2020 Spring

FOOTNOTES:  2019 Fall

FOOTNOTES:  2018 Spring

FOOTNOTES:  2017 Fall

FOOTNOTES:  2016 Fall

FOOTNOTES:  2016 Spring

FOOTNOTES:  2015 Fall

2021 October Book Sale

POSTER:  2021 October Book Sale

POSTCARD:  2021 October Book Sale

COLORING PAGE: 2021 October Book Sale

2022 Membership Drive

POSTER:  2022 Membership Drive

MAILING:  2022 Membership Drive Main

MAILING:  2022 Membership Drive About

MAILING:  2022 Membership Drive Address

2022 March Book Sale

POSTER:  2022 March Book Sale

POSTCARD:  2022 March Book Sale

2022 November Book Sale

POSTER:  2022 November Book Sale

2023 May Book Sale

POSTER:  2023 May Book Sale

2024 May Book Sale

POSTER:  2024 May Book Sale

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