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Volunteering with the Friends is a fun way to be around the library and interact with the community - you'll probably make some new friends too! 

We have several fun ways to contribute.

  • Book Sorting:  We do this monthly.  We have a "Friends Room" on the ground floor of the Library that is constantly stockpiled with donated books and media.  You can help by sorting titles by genre as the books make their way for sale.  If you're a book nerd - you'll love this activity.

  • Working a Book Sale:  We sell used books on display at the Corner Book Shop (first floor of the Library...gorgeous views of Reeds Lake) and hold large semi-annual book sales in various local venues.  These are high energy events, much like an estate sale focused on books.  There is always something to do, such as logistics (moving countless boxes), working the registers, distributing posters around town, directing traffic, and setup/tear down.

  • Contribute to the Footnotes newsletter:  We produce a mailed newsletter that highlights all the key things our organization is up to.  You can help by contributing a guest column or submitting ideas.   You can also help us with the editing and production.

  • Serve on the Friends Board of Directors:  We have a strong group of community-minded individuals on the board.  Terms are usually 2-3 year commitments, and open positions pop-up on a revolving basis.  If interested, contact us!  Our Nominating Committee is always looking for local talent to keep our mission moving forward.

  • Apply your talents and creativity:  If you have interesting ways to contribute - we'll listen!  Maybe you are an artist, a crafter, a maker, a reader or full of cool ideas...these can be applied to ongoing programs and projects.  Throw your name in the hat and we'll be in touch.

Volunteer with us

If you are interested in volunteering - fill out the contact info below.  We'll follow up!

Thanks for submitting!

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