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Support the Friends

There are several ways to support our organization and the East Grand Rapids library.  Start with the following ideas:

Utilize the library

A great way to support your library is to use it!  The more you visit, the more you'll discover.  The books, the media, the programs, the view of the lake!  For information about the library, go to: 

You can even sign up for a library card online here...

Talk about the library

Tell others about your experiences at our library.  Share stories and did-you-knows and talk about how they can benefit from visiting.  Share, comment, friend, follow and subscribe to our social media offerings.  Contact your local representatives and explain why you appreciate the EGR library and any KDL library branch you frequent.

Volunteer at the library

We welcome volunteers at the EGR library for several exciting focus areas.  You can join us for book sorts and stocking, work used book sales, or help with one of the many events we sponsor.  If you love books, volunteering gets you close to the action.

Donate to the library

There are several ways support the library and Friends of the library through donations, bequests, endowments, and gifts.  We graciously accept tax-deductible donations and we'll take your used book drop-offs any time.  Used books are sorted and make their way back to the public at inexpensive prices through various sales.  Finally, becoming a member helps the Friends envision and implement all the "extras" needed to make our library what is today, and tomorrow.

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